Musikverlag Zimmermann has released a new edition of Joachim Andersen’s Schwedische Polska-Lieder, Op. 50, for which I served as editor. This collection of charming pieces demonstrates Andersen’s ingenuity and skill in adapting Isidor Dannström’s original vocal works. The six pieces are delightful, not too difficult, and I’m happy that they’re back in print with corrections to the first edition. Before long, Zimmermann and I will add a new edition of Andersen’s Quatre Morceaux, Op. 62.


This video offers a glimpse into one of my latest projects. It includes a four-part video that tells the story of Joachim Andersen’s life and career as flutist, composer, and conductor. Live performances of his compositions are presented between segments of the video. The project was first presented at the 2019 National Flute Association convention in Salt Lake City and, with Japanese subtitles, at the Japan Flute Association convention in Fukuoka. The next  presentation will occur at the French Flute Festival in Aix-en-Provence, October 2022.

I’m also looking forward to presenting pre-concert lectures for the Chicago Symphony’s concerts Feb. 9-11, 2023; April 13-15, 2023; and April 20-23, 2023.